Yes. One of the numerous benefits of being in this industry the last ten years is North Station’s understanding of the new media and the value of one’s individual brands and enterprise. North Station Media believes that an individual shouldn’t work for a media company, but rather North Station should work for the very individual.

No! Quite the contrary, the network encourages one to openly seek all avenues to promote oneself.

Through monetizing your content. This is the mutually beneficial relationship that we believe in and incentive-based business model which we adhere too. North Station Media is only inclined to increase your audience and promote your individual platform because a more enhanced and engaged listenership creates greater opportunities to generate revenue for both the host and network.

The owner has complete discretion on advertisement placing in their content and can refuse/accept any potential ad buy. For podcasts, splits are predicated upon the show’s downloads per episode upon entering the network. Further details are available upon request.

North Station Media would not claim any revenue on advertisements in which they do not secure. We do request to be made aware of in case North Station also happened to be in negotiations with that particular sponsor.

One is also allowed to refer an advertisement inquiry to North Station sales team in which we can negotiate on their behalf for an agreed-upon advertisement split that favors the podcaster.

1) Libsyn and Audioboom provide the most accurate forms of data tracking for download statistics to advertisers.

Whereas many uploading platforms have tendencies to cite bots and/or low-retention rate listens as downloads, Libsyn and Audioboom’s system are IAB compliant and have proven to be the most trusted and reliable for potential suitors.

2) Libsyn and Audioboom do not insert unwanted advertisements in which the users and/or hosts do not profit from as many platforms are now doing.

3) Libsyn and Audioboom also allows the user to automatically distribute the podcast to every podcasting and social media platform of their choosing upon its release. Most importantly, the process is seamless meaning there is no change to the podcasters original podcasting channels and feeds.

4) Libsyn distributes the podcast to the North Station app which is then submitted to prospective advertisers on a monthly basis.

One must maintain their relationship with North Station Media for 90 days after initial sign on. Upon completion of that timeframe, they must give a 90-day advance notice upon departure. If a podcast is currently running North Station-secured advertisements, they must fulfill their completion of the content’s last ad buy.

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