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At North Station Media, we understand that everyone has a story to tell, a product to sell, and a dream to achieve.

Audio to Visual, We Help You Tell Your Story

We'll help you create content that engages and informs your audience, monetizes your message, and helps you grow your business.

Content Creators

Empowering individuals to create original programming, while retaining ownership of the content and achieving monetary and life goals. By providing practical consultation and guidance, NSM will help you transform your passion into a profession. For more than 15 years we’ve been collaborating with independent creators seeking success, and are eager to help you, too! 

  • Resources On-Demand: Access to a variety of creative and practical resources, assets, templates, document library and insights.
  • ‘Salon Service’ Consulting: Your content deserves individualized attention. Qualifying shows are offered one-on-one consulting, hand selected for you.
  • Production, Editing, SEO: Access to editors, producers, staff writers, on-demand A/V SEO experts.
  • Corporate Programs: Implementation of a corporate communication programs. Utilized to communicate policies and procedures, official memos, sales and training.
  • You’re Not Alone: Access to a powerful network of fellow creators. Share advice and feedback.
  • Building an Online Reputation:  Start building an online reputation that will work as an audience and sales funnel for your content.
  • Reputation Repair Strategy: If you’re already (in)famous online, utilize proven methods for improving your online reputation. Start controlling your own narrative with your own voice!
  • Analytics and Insights: Get actionable insights and advice on how to improve your podcast’s performance in terms of listenership, revenue, presentation, awareness and sponsorships.
  • Transparency in Partnership: Direct access to business documents, revenue reports, direct deposits, tax documents and resources via our self service content management portal.
  • Complimentary, Custom Website for Your Show: NSM provides qualifying shows with mobile responsive show landing page compatible with iOS and Android Smart Devices.
  • Native Mobile Podcast App: NSM offers qualifying shows fully custom designed, standalone mobile applications in the iOS and Android markets.
  • Marketing with SWAGger: Qualifying partners offered a realistic business plan before launching a merchandise program for your show. 
  • Premium Time-stamp Transcription Services: Transcribe your audio into accompanying text to maximize discovery. NSM offers 97% accurate transcription services for free to qualifying partners.


North Station Media offers Influencer and brand consultation. We are a boutique firm specializing in connecting brands with celebrities, athletes and social media influencers. North Station Media bridges the gap between brand an influencer, providing strategic advice on the best ways to connect an influencer to the right brand.

  • Proven Copywriting Skills: North Station Media has been writing ad copy for podcast and vidcast advertising campaigns since the mid-2000’s. Utilizing that experience while inserting the latest and greatest industry trends, buzz words, body language and voice tone is what makes North Station Media’s call to actions so enticing and successful.
  • Strategic Advice: Whether you’re a brand looking for a celebrity endorsement or a new social celebrity seeking a roadmap to maximize the success of your recent viral IG reel, North Station Media provides personalized advise and planning to connect the brand specifications with influencers who authentically and seamlessly integrate endorsements into their content.
  • Audit Your Audience: Unsure how to identify your social media value? North Station Media utilizes patented technology to accurately audit influencer audiences, engagements and interactions to authenticate the value of what brands are buying.
  • Networking: The North Station Media rolodex of influential endorsers and public speakers provides brands access to thousands of social media influencers, celebrities and sports stars. 
  • Attention to Detail: Whether you’re a Hollywood celebrity or a newly discovered viral TikTok star, North Station identifies the value proposition and facilitates in crafting media kits and pricing that is proven to get the attention of the 150 national brands we work with
  • Track Your Performance: North Station Media tracks performance across all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat.

Benefits to working with North Station Media

Business Services

North Station Media manage all aspects of your show’s business. From profit & loss, host commission portal, to creating a precision strategy to best eliminate needless costs and maximize ROI. Leave the tedious & costly tasks like invoicing, 1099, A/R collections, and managing sales presentations to us - so that you can focus on your passion!


Over 65 years of combined broadcast & production experience in the traditional, digital and AI realms. Learn from the best in each vertical of an ever-changing and evolving industry! Our team of expert mentors, advisors, consultants, and developers will help you grow your show and turn it into a successful business
venture and/or fruitful passion play


Most content creators are struggling to find the right strategy (and luck) to open doors to brands who understand how valuable your endorsement is. North Station Media has been calling on national brands and advertising agencies since 2009. Our fully staffed Sales and
Marketing Department's primary goal is to put your show in front of the right potential advertisers. You'll benefit from our years of experience in sales, finance, relationship building and project management.

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